Group Profile

Beijing Lighting Dream City Cultural Development Co., Ltd., is an urban operator with international perspective and modern ideas in contemporary China, and committed to promoting the development of China's urban and cultural industries, with the glory process history of 17 years striving to make innovations, cultural practice in 5 cities, and has made remarkable success, became shining.

By using the Chinese cultural elements as core content, world's advanced visual technology as means, the Company combines many comprehensive factors such as urban or regional local culture, humanistic culture, economic needs to develop and build landmark cross-border cultural projects suitable for city or region itself, in order to achieve the purpose of enhancing the overall value of the area by the pulling of industry.

The company has not only established talent interactive platform by cooperating with many top universities, while formed strategic cooperation with international professional enterprises. Honest, innovative, professional and pragmatic Lighting people are making contributions to show and pull urban and regional economy and promote Chinese culture.