The Jia Pingwa culture and art museums project successfully entered the construction phase
Time:2013/05/13  Source:Beijing Dreamlighting  Author:Zhanglei   Size:BigMediumSmall  Print

On April 28, in the cooperation of engineering department, the chief engineer office and creative division of operations center carried out the fourth experiments of Jia Pingwa culture and art museum’s landscape and architectural lighting.It is understood that the project began in March, and expected to be completed in early June, the scope of design and construction is the museum's buildings and supporting landscape.
Jia Pingwa culture and art museum is located in the Lintong international resort. The museum displays Mr. Jia Pingwa’s achievements in the areas of literature, calligraphy, and personal collections.Build a spiritual world for the contemporary people.During the process of lighting design, we profoundly comprehended Mr. Jia Pingwa’s Humanistic connotation and ideological realm, and learned his humanity feeling (find the compassion in daily life) from his works and artistic career. It is expected that our creativity and effort could meticulously delineate his connotation and human temperament, and disseminate cultural ideas. We combine our lighting language with Mr. Jia Pingwa’s artistic essence, and show people a vivid cultural feast of light.