“The 2014 Media ArchitectureExhibition” Brainstorm
Time:2013/06/08  Source:Dreamlighting  Author:Zhanglei   Size:BigMediumSmall  Print

In the afternoon of May 22nd 2013, Central Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture and the Beijing CAFA Architectural Design Consulting Ltd. lunched the first brainstorming for 2014 Media Architect exhibition at the lobby of Beijing Dream Lighting Ltd. The event was hosted by the associate dean of the CAFA School of Architect Dr. Chang, Zhigang. Interactive media artist “VJ elephant”, cutting-edge architect Zhenfei Wang, as well as other well-known artists and CAFA professors were invited.
Site guests conducted deep learning regarding “media architecture” related architecture, media and technology, and also had a heated discussion about a how to plan the exhibition that is going to take place at CAFA Art Museum on June 2014.
Professor Chang introduced the origin, background, definitions and the first three activities of the “Media Architecture Art Exhibition”, and he has given the members the sanctity for bring “media architecture” into the art palace.
Domestic cutting-edge architect Wang Zhenfei expressed that he is very interested in The Media Architecture Exhibition, and the museum itself should be seen as a medium.
The well-known media designer VJ Elephant also expressed that he is very glad to participate in the discussion. He thinks it is important to understand what role he should be playing when participating such event, if he is an artist, a designer or a scientist.
During the discussion members from CAFA School of Architecture He Wei, Wang Wei, Ye Jun, Mu Hongyi, Cao Qun, Lei Dahai, XuNing and etc. have freely put their views and opinions, the atmosphere was very lively and warm. Professor Chang has expressed his appreciation and recognition to the guests and CAFA professors’ new ideas, at same time he welcomes more media architecture related professionals to join the meeting.
With the first time brainstorming has successfully taken place at Beijing Dream Lighting, such events will continuously be held, is expected to reach the goal of better collaboration between commercial and academic.