The DL Xi’an branch 2013 Red River Valley summer trip
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On July 27th, 2013, leadershipsof Dreamlighting (DL) group and all the employees of Xi’an branch went to RedRiver Valley of Forest Park which located in Mei County, Baoji city, for a2days’ summer trip. As the largest branch of DL group, Xi’an branch has nearly70 staff, what is more, the Operation center, the biggest department of DLgroup, also located here.

Xi’an branch also is thestrongest filiale of DL group. Since it was founded, it has undertaken a lot ofprojects all over Xi’an, among which, the most well known project include theGreat Tang Lotus Garden, the Great Tang Huaqing City, the Great Tang All-dayPlaza and Zhiyang Plaza. It is no exaggeration to say that we and Xi’an citizento witness the rise of this ancient city.

In the first half year, it was a glorious new chapter for DL group that several key projects was designed andimplemented, such as The South Gate, Yuechun Hotel, and Peking UniversityGuanghua School, and DL group entered a new state of development. Behind this,all the members of Xi’an branch paid incredible efforts. Since the urgency ofthe projects during June and July, it is ordinary fare for them to workovertime, and even the activities arranged in June were delayed repeatedly.However, in the next August to October, they have to devote themselves into themore onerous project implementation.

As the organizers of the event,it is very thankful for the administrative department to choose such a good venue.Red River Valley Forest Park is located in Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, at thenorthern foot of Taibai mountain peak, 120 km away from Xi'an, and 60kilometers from Baoji. The steep mountains, deep valleys, waterfalls, with theshow, deep pools, diverse scenery, and the forest coverage rate is over 98%, isa good place for hiking. On the morning of July 27th, Xi'an Branch members gatheredat the company and take the bus to set out. After three hours, they finallyarrived at the Red River Valley.

The firstactivity after launch is to visit the Doumu waterfall. Doumu waterfall is thebest in Shaanxi with 80 meters perpendicular throw. However, as you want to seesuch wonderful scenery, you have to walk for an hour along the mountain road.

At 4 pm,after a short break, we went to the driftage area and prepared for the nextactivity. Before drifting, we made an exciting water-battle, dozens of rafts,scream and laughter, rise one after another. And then, we experienced a thrillingdriftage.

As thenight fell, Mr. Li lighted up thebonfire and brought the party to a climax. Hand in hand, festively singing anddancing. Although it was drizzling, the enthusiasm dancers and singer were indifferentto sing and dance, and drew a satisfactory full stop for the evening.

The next morning, more than 10 climbers began to climb the steep Four Mouths Mountain afterbreakfast. Four Mouths Mountain, 1430 meters above sea level, andits name, because there are four towering precipices, clouds around the peak,look attractive. However, after a night of rain, the road is wet and slippery,and the path along the cliff was constructed in hundreds of meters of altitude.Nevertheless, there are still several warriors successfully reached the peak.

Afterlunch, all the members took bus back to company, and draw perfect ending forthe red river valley summer activity.