Illumination test: Xi’an Lintong Elegant Hotel & Jia Pingwa project
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At august 19th 8pmto 10pm, a team of members from operation center went to Lintong for theillumination test of several projects: Xi’an Lintong Peking University GuanghuaSchool project, Elegant Hotel project, and Jia Pingwa Art museum project.

The main test positionof Lintong Peiking University Guanghua School and Elegant Hotel project is thewindows of Elegant Hotel. For the time and cost saving reason, the projectdepartment made a window model for the test. As the result, the lighting effectsof Elegant Hotel still leave much to be desired, it needs more consideration ofthe equipments and lighting mode.

On the other hand,Jia Pingwa art museum has installed part of equipments, confirmed by ChiefEngineer Office and Design Department. The lighting effects was testedsatisfactory, and Mr. Zou, Mr. Jia, and Geng Hanbo gave it favorable comment.