DL group won the Excellent Design Prize of The Eighth China Lighting Award
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Recently, the ChinaIlluminating Engineering Society (CIES) published the winner list of EighthChina Lighting Award, and the "Xi'an Lintong Zhiyang Plaza office buildinglandscape lighting project" which declared by DL group won the ExcellentLighting Design Award, the list of winner has been published on the officialwebsite of CIES.

Established in 2006, The ChinaLighting Award is the top prize of Chinese illumination industry. In the last 8years, DL group has achieved Lighting design and Illumination engineering awardfor 8 times, becomes the frequenter of China Lighting Award. With thedevelopment of DL group, it has expanded its business from regular illuminationto outdoor 3d projection, large-scale multi-mediainteractive platform,multi-media interactive theme park, holographic projection, water curtainprojection, Indoor and outdoor multi-media interactive experiential project,and the 5d theater, etc. As the percentage of regular illumination is goingdown year by year, the participating works is less and less, however, thequality of the works still achieve high standard.

Although Zhiyang square is only a smallproject, it has highly challenge. Zhiyang square is a building clusters, thebody building mainly used for government service, and the accessorybuildings integrated business office, shopping, catering, tourism, and leisure function,therefore, it requires high standard night view lighting design andconstruction. To solve this problem or issue, the first step, we divide thefunctional area precisely, allocate different lighting modality in differentfunctional element. In design, we make sure the lighting and landscape designstyle be unified, and focus on the using of high-tech means and regionalculture. For example, the floodlighting is not suitable for the glass curtainwall, so we use the comet tail lights to make light band and create dynamiclighting effect. In order to highlight the unique culture of Lintong weextensively use non standard lighting design in the lighting area of square. Inconstruction, we use the energy-saving, low-carbon and environment-friendlyproducts, in strict accordance with the requirements of green standardarchitecture, take an example, to maximize the energy saving, we use LED andsun energy lights.

Nowadays, Zhiyang square hasbecome the gate of Lintong. Xi 'an are getting towards internationalizationmetropolis, a series of projects we constructing today will make Lintong to bean international tourism and leisure destination, Including Zhiyang square, Yuetsubaki ambassador hot spring hotel, Peiking University guanghua school, JiaPingwa art museum. "Contribute urban dream by Lighting arts", this isthe constant mission of DL group.