Visit Chunli Hope Primary School
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At the beginning of new semester, on September3th, Zhang Yun and Qi Hongzhi from brand division of DL group, went to Chunlihope primary school to look in the students and teachers. They got warmlyreception by Mr. Li, the president of Chunli primary school, Mr. Xu, thepresident of Gangbian central primary school, and several governmental leaders.

Chunli hope primary school was donated bypresident Feng and Mrs. Hong. And Hengfeng county, where Chun-li primary school is located, isalso the hometown of Mrs. Hong. As early as 2007,Mrs. Hong heard that there are floods in Hengfeng county every year, there isno choice for the children to go to school by bamboo raft. But for thechildren, bamboo raft is a dangerous vehicle, and some children have been drowned inthe last few years. Even in the absence of the floods, they have to go a long mountainroad to attend class. What is worse, part of teaching buildings were distortedby a violent rainstorm, and all the students were forced to move to anotherschool which is located in eight kilometers away. As long as Mrs. Hong got thenews, without any hesitation, she decided to donate them to build a new school,as a result, the new school was completed in 2008.

In the last 6 years, we DL group sent representativesto visit the teachers and students every year with donations and consolationmoney. In the first half of this year, when Mr. Feng and Mrs. Hong speciallyvisited the school, there were only 5 teachers and 40 students, but now thereare 6 teachers and more than 60 students, 2 of the 6 teachers are the prominentteachers from Gangbian village. As far as we know, the school will add grade 4 inthe second half of this year, there would be more students and teachers.

On the morning of the same day, a simplebut solemn donation ceremony was held on the playground. As a representative ofthe DL group, Zhang Yun gave a short speech and then presented new autumn andwinter school uniforms, school bags, pencil case, etc. In the followingstatement, the school leaderships expressed their heartfelt thanks to Mr. Feng,Mr, Hong and DL group.

After the ceremony, Zhang Yun held ameeting with school leaders, talked more details about the school and the issueof excellent teacher selection, and made festival greetings before the coming teacher'sday.

Where after, we look in Mrs. Zeng of a poor family in frontof the school ,together with president Li. Mrs. Zeng has a granddaughter calledXu Mengtian, and her family is so poor to have enough money for her to go toschool. after Chunli primary school was founded, we provided financial aid forthe poor students , and Xu Mengtian is one of the beneficiaries. As Chunliprimary school was founded, for the first time, she walked into the classroom andcompleted the study successfully. This year, Xu Mengtian entered a local healthschool, and we provide her 5000 yuan for her learning and living expenses.During the conversation, Mrs. Zeng emphasized:without the help of Mr. Feng and Mrs. Hong, her granddaughter can never attendschool, and they will remember this kindness forever.