Schoolhouse Beautify Project of Beijing Qinghonglan Primary School Successfully Completed
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Recently, a picture of carton wall drawing appears on the building'swall of Beijing Qinghonglan Primary School, it is known that the drawing isdonated by DL group. This drawing is the largest one of all the drawing in theschool with 9 meters long and 3 meters high, gorgeous and lively. This projectis the last one of all the schoolhousebeautify projects, and it means that the whole project be successfullycompleted. What is more, the projects has been confirmed by the schoolleadership and passed the school's acceptance check.

Qinghonglan primary school is a poor primaryschool for children of migrant laborers which is located in Shunyi district ofBeijing, and it is also the new welfare object of DL group. In the first halfyear, DL group donated lots of books, uniforms, school supplies, and a seriesof buildings renovation work. In order to further beautify the campusenvironment, DL group suggests the school to use the blank part of the wall to draw,and got the positive response from school, and put it into practice soon afterterm begins.

Drawing mural is notonly a fun class, but also the platform to interact with the kids. A lot ofkids participated in the drawing work, beautify their campus together withartists. In that sense, we improved their sense of ownership.

Beijing, the location of DL group headquarter, and also thespiritual homeland of all the DL's staff. As a part of the city, we DLgroup has the responsibilities and duty to give aid to the education of migrantlaborers' children. We hope that we can arouse more attention to the migrant children'seducation, and make Beijing, a city of migrant laborer, become more happy.