Group Donates School Fall School Uniform to Beijing Qinhonglan Elementary School
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Recently, Qi Hongzhi, Zheng Bin, Zhang Yun,Zheng Lan together, who are from the Brand department of the company group wentto Beijing Qinhonglan Primary School to implement fall uniform donationcampaign. The school principle Mr. Dong gave our staffwarm hospitality and appreciation.

Our group company established this fall uniformdonation campaign in the beginning of this year. As time goes on and with thecommunity's help and support, the students of Qinhonglan element school hasalso grown. The initially planed more than 400 uniforms could not the meet the students’needs. We will continue to follow up and fill the difference as well as takecare of other issues.

Beijing Dreamlighting has always carried a great social responsibility, usingpractical action to compose a harmonious society. “ Educate people before creatingthings”. This is also Dreamlighting’s spirit for educating people, and shouldbe carried on by every Dreamlighting staff. We will continue to support and helpthose children who are in trouble but still hold hope in their hearts, guard themthrough the winter, until the spring comes.

Although the autumn in Beijing is very cold and windy, but watching the children’sbrilliant smile, imagine the scene that they wearing uniform and running on theplayground, we suddenly very warm and sunny!