Astronomy course in a primary school
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When I was listening the speechof the erudite astronomer,

When the certificates and dataarranged in front of me,

When the forms and charts was showed, and I was trying to measure them,

When I was enjoying the astronomyspeech in the lecture hall, applause came in waves,

Inexplicably and swiftly, Ifelt so bored,

So I stood up and slipped outquickly,

In the mysterious and humidnight wind, again and again,

looking at the stars quietly.

-------<The astronomicallesson> Walt Whitman

On November 6, 2013, Zhang Yun andZheng Lan, from brand division, accompany with Mr. Zhu Jin, the director of Beijingplanetarium, went to Beijing Qinghonglan primary school, and brought a vividand meaningful astronomy class.

Beijing Qinghonglan Primary schoolis a primary school for migrant workers' children, in recent years, due to theeffort and concern of people from all walks of life, the infrastructureconstruction of Qinghonglan have been improved. However, children in Qinghonglanare so eager for the astronomy knowledge, and in fact they know so little aboutspace and universe.

Astronomy knowledge is the firststep of human to understand nature. As we all know, the influence of astronomyand weather is a kind of objective existence, what is more, this influence isso enormous that sometimes it could destroy our life and property, as well asour production and daily life. Therefore, learning astronomy knowledge is themost basic procedure of scientific understanding. Mr. Lan Zhusong, theprofessor of National Astronomical Observatories Of China, said that it is not thegood education for a country if its people do not received good astronomicaleducation. Learning astronomy knowledge and theory not only can affect aperson's world view, outlook on life, help them to establish scientificthinking method, but also can improve people's quality, promote socialspiritual civilization construction.

The astronomy courseorganized by DL group got all the teachers and students' greatly cooperated andreceived. Dr Zhu introduced the kinds of telescopes to the students in class, aswell as the forming principles of galaxy, shooting stars, Milky Way and aurora.And he shared a lot of beautifulpictures with all of the students, it is greatly mobilized the studentsinitiative and enthusiasm to explore the unknown world.

Questionsafter class, students are scrambling, questions, actively enthusiastically,express their doubts of universe, by Dr. Zhu answer patiently, curious studentsnodded and reveal satisfaction, pure smile on his face.

Afterclass, all the students were extremely positive to ask question and share theirunderstanding and doubts about the forming of universe. When Dr. Zhu answeredtheir questions, they were so satisfy and nod in curious.

While,the bell rang, it means that the astronomical lesson was drawing to a close, DrZhu said goodbye to the students and asked them to visit Beijing planetariumand experience the wonderful pleasure of astronomical observations. Although thisis just a short astronomical courses, but it arouses the students' interest inastronomy. We believe that these memories and knowledge will paint their lifeand be a kind of nutrient in their lives.

We DL group will pay continuously attention totheir growth and provide them all kinds of help in our power. We hope we canhelp them to overcome difficulties and build their dreams.