DL group participate in The Fourth Member Congress of IESB
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On November 12th, 2013, in Central Academy of FineArts, as the invited members, Lin Ying and Li Jian participated in The Fourth MemberCongress of IESB Environmental Art Lighting Professional Committee.The agenda of the congress is to complete the transition of Environmental Art LightingProfessional Committee, issue the member employment certificate and plaque, andtalked about the activities plan in recent months.

The Environmental Art Lighting Professional Committeeis an academic and professional mass organization which engaged inenvironmental art lighting. For a long time, the committee organized a seriesof academic communication activities in environmental art lighting, andresearched the development status and trend of environmental art lightingtechnology, lamp, design, and application means. In addition, the committeealso promoted the industry theoretical development, and popularized newtechnology and method, in this way, the committee promoted artistic methodscombine with professional technologies. Since it was established, the committeeimplemented many times of activities in professional consultation, projectdemonstration and implementation guiding. And it has been gradually establishingthe technology standards and artistic criterion of environmental art lighting.Besides, it provides professional standard for government and corporations, andpromotes the modernization and internationalization of the city.

As a council member of IESB, Beijing DreamlightingGroup always insist on the idea of "light reflect culture and culture leadcity", regards lighting culture transmission and lighting technologypopularizing as its own mission, to develop and build suitable cross-bordercultural projects of landmark for a city or region itself, carry forwardChinese culture to the world by technique innovation means.

After the transition, Li Ying and Li Jian areelected to the committee member of IESB. We believe that IESB Environmental ArtLighting Professional Committee will be more energetic, and we Dreamlightingwould also do our best to prosper and develop the lighting business of China,make contribution to our country's modernization!