DL took part in The International Theme Park and Attractions Summit
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Early of thismonth, the 2013 International Theme park and Scenic spot Summit and AwardCeremony was held in Beijing Hna Marriott hotel. As an exhibitor, DL took aseries cases of theme park integrated planning and scenic visual art, and technologyapplications, got highly attention of the participating experts and enterprises.

Atthe exhibition site, we showed a series of theme park cases, such as the phoenixpool scenic district plan and design, the first emperor large-scale multimediashow, the great tang Huaqing city multimedia lighting show, and Kaiyuan square 360°landscape led pillars. These cases not only showed the cutting-edge technologyand creative ability which we are so proud of, but also highlighted our deepunderstanding about Chinese traditional culture. It is the perfect combinationof Chinese culture and lighting technology which finally created the unique, shining,and profound urban cultural landmarks.

For China, themepark is a no stranger term, from the early years' amusement parks, aquariums,or wildlife zoos, to the landscape parks and folk custom parks in recent years,and then to the scenario simulation theme parks in nowadays, in China, themepark have developed for nearly 30 years. In comparison with this, our majorbusiness is visual and lighting design, in addition, we have only explored overa decade in theme park field. However, with the deep understanding of lightingart and our persistent pursuit, after just a few years, we DL have integratedor cooperated with many world's top companies in plan, architecture, design,lighting, stage, special effect fields, such as Roland Berger, one of the worldtop level plan and consult firms, Aecom, world's top architecture design firm,and Weta Digital, the company responsible for the special effect of The Lord of the Rings and Avatar. Besides, since the past tenyears, at home and abroad, we have cooperated with more than 30 famousindependent artists. Now, we can provide a full set of theme park relatedservices, including theme park creative planning and design, multimediaentertainment and performance, visual lighting design, 4D/5D/7D theater consultand design, and large-scale interactive entertainment project.

Just recently, wehave completed the overall planning and design of phoenix pool scenic in Xi'anLintong national tourism & resort area, and the project is also the biggesttheme park project we have done. The entire scenic covers an area of 220 hectaresand takes Qin, Han, and Tang dynasty culture as cultural theme, contains four majorfunctions of family tourism, recreational leisure, business meeting, and culturalrelics preservation. According to the plan papers, in the future, there will bea large-scale multimedia epic stage show in phoenix scenic area named as The First Emperor. It will show us the wholelife through of Qin Shi Huang, by the means of huge actor team and world's topmultimedia. Besides, other projects like water park, water show, 4D theater,interactive entertainment, global conference center of wisdom, EmperorQinshihuang's Mausoleum museum, relics park, and so on, contain a series of constructionwith entertainment or commercial functions, and will make phoenix pool scenicarea become China Dream Bay and worldtop level cultural tourism destination.