DL participated Cross Strait Cultural Forum
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Recently, TaiwanPacific Cultural Foundation and Chinese Culture Promotion Society held CrossStrait Cultural Forum themed as Chineseculture and enterprise management. Heavyweight experts and scholars includingXu Jialu, honorary president of Chinese Culture Promotion Society, GaoZhanxiang, Chairman of Chinese Culture Promotion Society, Qian Fu, chief executiveof Taiwan Pacific Cultural Foundation, Yang Panchi, president of TaiwanUniversity, and the former president of Taiwan University, attended the event. Asthe member of Chinese Cultural Promotion Society, DL group participated theevent, and president Feng Qing exchanged thoughts and opinions with all of theparticipants.

During thediscussion, Gao Zhanxiang said that Taiwan and mainland have the samenationality and the same cultural origin, the cultural differences between bothsides is due to the different political system. He added that communicating andexchanging the understanding about Confucian culture is helpful to promote ournational culture and enterprises' spirit civilization, and it is good tocultivate people's ideals, values, and creativity. We should strive to achievewin-win and common development.

And then Mr. YangPanchi said that only by seeking business ethics can an enterprise beconductive to society and ethnic group, and communicating, discussing, andexchanging on this issue are conductive to the development of Chinese culture.

President Fengsaid that Chinese traditional culture is the treasure of our nation and theworld, it should be inherited and carried forward. However, we should not onlyrestricted to academic circles but also gather the power of whole society,enterprises' power is the one of the most important constituent part. For theenterprises, business course can give them specific methods, nevertheless, the quintessenceof traditional culture can point out the right direction. Enterprises wouldbecome the successor of Chinese culture and during the learning process, shoulderthe responsibility of inherit and carry forward Chinese culture.

For us,constructing and outputting city culture is our core product, we have beeninsisting on the value of seeking creation and harmony. After18 years' endeavor, we have been combining Chinese traditional culture withadvanced lighting art and technology. We have built a large number ofwell-known cultural landmarks, and promoted the rapid development of tourism,business, and real estate.

After the forum,chairman Feng Qing, vice president Li Ying, and Li Jian, president ofinvestment branch, took a group photo with all the guests.