The world's first set of Tang Column shocks Xi’an, coming a new era of technology tourism
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China Broadcasting Network Beijing May 9th News ( Reporter- Li Hongtao) When night falls, people playing in the Xi'an Qujiang Great Tang All Day Mall Kaiyuan Square will be pleasantly surprised to find eight scarlet brackets column standing next to the statue of Li Longji glowing colorful light, creating an unmatched scene in High Tang Period for visitors. This kind of multimedia display platform combining the world advanced means with the traditional symbols of Chinese culture is called “Tang Column”, which is an initiative in the world. This is an important measure for Xi'an to publicize the urban brand and carry out the city promotion through the fusion of science and technology, culture and tourism, by taking advantage of the World Horticultural Exposition.

According to reports, “Tang Column” takes the important elements for China building of bracket, upright post as carriers; column shaft adopts shaped LED high-definition display technology. Currently, eight “Tang Column” can synchronously display dynamic images with the 360-degree multi-screen, so that passing visitors can feel like being on the Tang Dynasty Street sketched thousands of times in the dream, feel the happy atmosphere of people living and working in peace in Tang Dynasty; the world seems to dream back Great Tang, which makes the majority of tourists taking advantage of the opportunity of International Horticultural Exposition to visit Xi'an amazing, they took out the camera to shoot pictures for memory one after another.

Reporters learned from relevant departments, Xi'an has created “Tang Column” in the Kaiyuan Square, by taking advantage of the world's most advanced visual high-tech means to combine with Chinese culture; meanwhile, it has created the world's first outdoor building naked eye 3D movie on the Great Wild Goose Pagoda-Xuanzang Westbound of Datang Dream, which is scheduled to be first released in July.

For the implementation of the Xi'an Science and Technology Tourism, according to the related companies in the planning and implementation of “Tang column” and the Great Wild Goose Pagoda, Xuanzang Westbound, naked eye 3D movie projects, said, “Digging regional theme, carrying out the innovative transmission, so as to enhance the regional value, is currently the brand-new model for city promotion and enhancing the development in Xi'an. By digging the culture of urban theme, taking Chinese historical culture as deposits, with world's advanced visual technological means to combine with sculpture, landscape, architecture and other cross-border artistic manifestations, and ultimately with the shocking effect, to creatively spread, promote the city to the world, thereby the purpose of enhancing the value of urban areas are achieved, which are the specific methods for implementation and performance.

Xi'an opens the curtain of technology tourism, integrating the 5000-year culture of Chinese civilization and modern advanced technology, to inherit the spirit of the Chinese nation. The perfect combination of science and technology, culture, tourism and the show also signify the coming of a new era of tourism in Xi'an.