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The cultural landmark positioning of Xi'an Great Tang All Day Mall Kaiyuan Square started from addition at the earliest and was completed by subtraction. In the original design scheme, the center of Kaiyuan Plaza Square is the sculptures of Li Longji and his ministers; the opportunity for Lighting Dream involved in the project is that Party A thought that there were only sculpture in the Square which made the square slightly dull, and was unable to set off the business climate of Great Tang All Day Mall and the momentum of Flourishing Age of Kaiyuan Era.

After the intervention, through the tapping and positioning of culture, Lighting Dream thinks that as the pioneer of the Flourishment Age of Kaiyuan Era, Li Longji should be in a majestic palace; therefore, the design planners firstly according to the space volume of the plaza and sculpture on the square imagined a palace on the computer, which is the addition; but if a palace is built on the square, the Plaza is not a plaza; therefore, planners removed the roof, wall, etc. of the palace, only leaving eight great vaulting shafts, this process is subtraction. So, the cultural landmark of the Plaza –the prototype of Tang Column has also begun to take shape, and then, Lighting Dream creatively adopts LED display screen to wrap the pillar, so the hardware of Tang column has been basically completed.


As a cultural landmark, only the form of hardware is far from enough; Lighting Dream according to the unique Chinese festival designed and produced a series of animation films, in addition, according to the characteristics of Tang Column's shape and 360-degree ring screen, made the Mermaid Princess, Hip-hop Juvenile and films for publicizing Xi'an tourism. The hardware plus film constitutes the southern end cultural landmark of Great Tang All Day Mall; the completion of the project makes the project become one of the most attractive city landmarks in the public eye, and there were up to tens of thousands of tourists on the completion date.


Eight giant scarlet multimedia art landscape columns in Kaiyuan Plaza of Great Tang All Day Mall adopt the shaped LED HD display technology to combine with traditional Chinese architectural bracket column, making multi-screen synchronously dynamically display images. Multimedia presentation combining the world advanced means with the traditional symbols of Chinese culture is an initiative in the world, which has applied for the Guinness Book of World Records, and applied patent in China and the European Union, the United States.