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Tang Paradise was rebuilt in 2004; is China's first all-round large-scale Royal Garden-style Cultural Theme Park showing the style of High Tang. As a symbol of Xi'an and the representative of the Chinese culture, Tang Paradise shows its unique charm to the world with its unprecedented image, not only promoting the sustainable development of Xi'an tourism, but also profoundly spreading the Chinese culture, and it has became the focus of world attention.

Lighting Dream utilizes the world's leading multimedia technology and audio-visual arts scientific and technological means based on the 1300-year historic basis point, giving the garden project more interactivity and participatory to create Tang Paradise as a fantasy High Tang theme cultural Park with a world-class set of culture, science and technology, entertainment, service as one, to become a new bright spot in Xi'an Tourism.

Perfect integration of interactive multimedia technologies of sound and light projection, holography with multiple audio-visual arts of music, dance and acrobatics creates the interactive platform of technology and art. Accessing to history, feeling the humanities and experiencing life are to realize the deep integration of culture and nature.


A city with a strong cultural atmosphere

A city nursing infinite possibilities

Ancient and modern, history and future

Our stories inherit the past and present, go through time and space

Here, we feel the history

Feel the magic of creativity

Here, we use poetry and painting, light and shadow

To reproduce Dream Tang